About Us

Before creating this website, I worked at a financial institution. I did make money, but it just seemed like I was making others wealthy, and my income stayed the same. Then, I heard about Bitcoin. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information about it, but I immediately thought of how promising it sounded. Right about the same time, I met a software developer who was to be my future business partner.

We did not know each other all that well, but we had one thing in common. Both of us were equally unhappy with our jobs at the time and became fascinated with Bitcoin and the revolution it brought.

Though we worked tirelessly, the beginning of the story really started when we made profits by trading Bitcoin. With that came an idea that we could create an app that made others rich while making us rich, too.

Of course, it took a lot of time to create and perfect the app so that there were no bugs. We used our own money as the ‘guinea pig’ to ensure perfection and then opened it up to close friends and family members. This was our ultimate test and helped us clean up the app, make money, and realize its potential.

Now, I spend so much of my time on the Bitcoin Banker app and have quit my job, as other members have. Still, I don’t recommend you leave steady income until you have used the app and understand its power.

The Power of the Bitcoin Banker App

Our Bitcoin Banker software works hard to scan the various financial markets, searching for the best opportunities for trading. It compares tons of information relating to market conditions and historical data. Plus, it is actually 0.01 seconds faster than any other similar software within the world. You find out the market’s direction before the rest of the world knows. That’s what makes Bitcoin Banker so successful!

What We Offer

Through our software, you get the latest product on the market, and we always make sure that it runs smoothly.

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With Bitcoin Banker, the current market is analyzed quicker than with other options. Therefore, you get an advantage over everyone else in the world and can make use of the time difference.

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We realize that you can’t watch the markets 24/7. It could drive you crazy! Our system is automated, so you can sleep, watch TV, and anything else, while our software precisely and automatically analyzes the market for you. When you set up your trading parameters, our software also closes/opens trades for you.

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Our software is completely customizable, as we realize no two traders are the same. You’ve got unique skills, trading styles, and preferences. It’s possible to set:

  • Trading strategies to use
  • Risk level
  • Money amounts to invest
  • Assets to trade-in
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No Expense

Bitcoin Banker is completely free because we want to give back to the world. We’ve already earned our wealth because of our app, so it is important that other people can do so without spending it.